It houses 20 hydraulic Rides (Razzle-Dazzle, Big Apple, Thumak-Thumak, Octopus, Crazy Cars, Fun Slide, Spin-o-Spin, Fun Flight, Big Wheel, Kids Castle, Funny Boats, Fun Spin, TOTO Train, Fun on Wheels, Paddle Fun, Grand Prix, Froggy Fun, Gyroscope, Crazy bull,Tot Spot, Inflatable, Dream Boat, Space walk, Hedge Maze) which are designed to enthrall, excite and Entertain while en-keeping the maximum standards of safety, a place which provides unadulterated fun, people from all age groups can have their share of fun tainment.
Amusement Park
Big Apple Crazy Cars
Razzle Dazzle Fun Flights
Dream Boat Toto Train
Thumak Thumak Fun Slide
Space Walk  Grand Prix
Fun Spin Froggy Fun
Spin o Spin Gyroscope
Kids Castle Arcade games
Paddle Fun Crazy Bull
Fun on wheels    
Bowl Speed Crusader Slide
Hedge Maze    5D Theatre